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Laying The Foundations

A few weeks ago, we decided to launch The Compass Trust. We wanted to get all our friends and family and others aware of what we are currently working on.


Since then, we’ve had over 500 likes on Facebook, 100 followers on Instagram and currently 12 followers on Twitter. 12 followers may not seem like much, but if you multiply it by 2 million, it’s the same number of followers that One Direction have on Twitter.


In all seriousness, we are all extremely happy about the amount of support we have on social media so far and when we actually start our program, we will hopefully have a lot more to share with you.


But for now, you are stuck with my weekly updates, letting you know what we’re up to.


We have 5 board members as part of our team. 1 in South Africa, 3 in Europe and 1 in the States. Unfortunately, this means that the program will only be started once I am able to go to South Africa. The good news is that this will be in the coming months.


We’re hoping that it will be around July/August, but it’s subject to our paperwork going through in South Africa. I have to be out there by September, so that will be the latest departure. Why do I have to be out there for September? Right now, that’s top secret! But it’s really exciting and something that I hope everyone will get involved in.


What are we doing until then? It’s really about working hard. We have a lot of things we want to do before we can get out to SA and start building up TCT. For example, any organisation can put volunteers in schools and have them help students with their school work. But we want to create something concrete and different before we go out there.


It is vital that we help as many children as possible, but we want to have a quality program, rather than quantity. Once we have a program that is producing the desired results, then we will look to expand into as many schools as possible, repeating that formula. But first of all, we want a program that is ACTUALLY helping these children, rather than merely claiming to help many children.


We have our ideas, and along with the board members, Nikie and Lisa (two people who have helped massively with starting TCT) we are going to be working on concrete plans that we can implement on arrival.


Of course, even this will be subject to change, as we want to offer something to schools that they need. We will be researching, emailing, calling, contacting schools in anyway possible to find out what their needs are and we will be trying to create a program based around those needs.


So for the coming months, this is what we will be doing. Researching and coming up with concrete plans to implement upon our arrival in South Africa. It’s a lot of emailing, googling, reading laws, conversations with our lawyer in South Africa etc.


This is the most draining part. It’s a lot of computer work, which has very little immediate reward. But we know that by putting in the graft now, the rewards for ourselves and the children will be even greater in the coming months and years. Once we step of that plane and land in Cape Town in the next few months, we can finally start volunteering and doing what we set out to do.


For this reason, we will now blog once a month until we get to South Africa and once we are there, we will look to blog once a week!


Always good and love to all.


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