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October Blog: Come and Join Us!

Finally, The Compass Trust officially started it’s P.E. classes in Levana Primary!

We have started nice and easy with a soccer unit, learning the basics of dribbling, passing and shooting. At the end of each class we play a quick scrimmage and then allow the children 10-15 minutes of free time to choose a sport they want to play.

We are working with the Grades 4-7, and there are 4 classes in each grade, so throughout the week we work with around 4-500 different children.

We have also started our after school soccer team. We have been conducting trials for the last two weeks, and hope to have a set squad of 18 players who will come and play after school two days a week. Next year, we hope to enter into local leagues and play against other schools.

Each Friday we spend around 2 hours at iThemba School, which works with children from around 3-5 years old. Our time with these amazing children is spent playing games such as Duck-Duck-Goose, What’s the Time Mr. Fox? and other classics.

The children seem to be having as much fun as we are!

As you may have noticed, The Compass Trust also finally opened its volunteer program! We can only sustain ourselves for so long. We need people to come out and join us.

We have been on the ground out here about 3 months. We have found schools to work with, we have created a PE program, set up a bank account and got started on creating an impactful education program.

If we can do that much in 3 months with 3 people, imagine what we could achieve with 3 more people in the next 3 months? Or 6 more people?!

By joining TCT at this early stage, you are not only volunteering, you are also creating a legacy. You are helping us create the next generation of volunteers and being a part of creating impactful volunteering, where every volunteer has the chance to make a huge difference.

There’s so much more work to do out here to create a program that makes a sustainable difference in the lives of the people here. And we need you to help us make that difference.

If you have any questions about volunteering in South Africa, please get in contact 

November and December will be crucial months for TCT. Please share our story and tell anyone who is looking at volunteering to check us out!

Always good and love to all,


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