If you would like to donate directly to us, please see our bank details below

Only For South African donations:

Account name: The Compass Trust
Account number: 070236569
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Thibault Square Branch
Branch Code: 020909

Donations from UK  

If you are from the United Kingdom and would like to donate directly to one of The Compass Trust Scholarship recipients, please check out LevanaFund

Donations from Germany and Rest of the World

For german and international donations please donate to our partner organization initiAID e.V. 

Please include your address in the reference if you wish to receive a donation receipt.


Is The Compass Trust registered as a Non Profit and Public Beneficiary Organization?

Yes! The Compass Trust is a registered Non-Profit Organization (161-838 NPO) and Public Beneficiary Organization (930052604) in line with South African law.

Can I deduct donations made to The Compass Trust from my taxable income?

As being approved as an organization which uses donations to fund specific approved Public Benefit Activities, The Compass Trust is able to issue tax deductible receipts (section 18a certificate) for each donation received.

Can I choose a specific project for my donation?

As a donor you decide how we are making use of your donation. You can make a donation to The Compass Trust in general or specifically for one of our projects. We take care of your donations and make sure that you know exactly how they are used.

Can I see the financials of The Compass Trust?

One of the most crucial characteristics of The Compass Trust is that we are completely transparent about our income and expenses. Therefore, you are more than welcome to check our financial reports. If you have any questions or comment regarding our finances, please get in touch with us.


initiAID e.V.

Since 2016 we are partnering with the German Non-Profit Organization initiAID with the objective to develop and realize our projects in South Africa in close cooperation.

Levana International CIC

The Levana International CIC is a Community Interest Company registered in England and Wales allowing people around the world to help fund school tuition for talented students in underserved communities. With the help of Levana the necessary funds for the Build up Kids scholarship program could be raised.

University of Pforzheim

The University of Pforzheim accompanies us since the launch of our projects. The University of Pforzheim advises and supports us in the area of strategic direction and realization of our ideas and furthermore provides us with office space.

University of Cape Town

Thanks to the valuable contributions and support of the University of Pforzheim we were able to set up and run the Vrygrond Computer Lab. Furthermore, they advise us in the area of strategic direction of our organization.


CareerJunction is South Africa’s #1 quality candidate provider. The Compass Trust has been supported by Career Junction since 2015. Through their  support and donations we have been able to develop significant additional capacity in our Computer Lab.