TCT Story

Poverty is cyclical. In South Africa, many are born in a township, go to primary school in a township, go to high school in a township and finally live in a township. The Compass Trust is intent on breaking this cycle. The story of The Compass Trust started beginning of 2015.

FEB 2015

In a world full of division and people looking to divide, The Compass Trust  was formed by individuals across the world wanting to make a sustainable, lasting impact. South Africans, New Zealanders, British, Americans, Austrians and more came together to start the journey of The Compass Trust.

AUG 2015

The Compass Trust started a partnership with Levana Primary School in Lavender Hill (Cape Town), providing tutoring and physical education assistance. Furthermore, donations over R30,000 were used to provide sports equipment to the under resourced Levana Primary.

JAN 2016

The Compass Trust launched the Scholarship program. A Leadership Development Teacher was hired to help get talented children into good high schools outside of Lavender Hill and its immediate vicinity.

APR 2016

9 children were accepted to Cape Academy of Mathematics, Science and Technology and 6 children were accepted to Muizenberg High School on TCT Scholarships starting in 2017.

MAY 2016

The Compass Trust merges with initiAID in South Africa. initiAID is a german NPO sharing the same vision as The Compass Trust. They are running a Computer Lab in Vrygrond adjacent to Lavender Hill. It was decided that 5 of their board members would join The Compass Trust board of trustees. With more than 60 members in Germany, mainly students of Pforzheim University, they will help us to manage, fund and further develop our projects.  Better Together.

AUG 2016

Mentoring of our 15 scholarship children begins. Our Mentoring program includes focus groups, trips and use of IT facilities at our Computer Lab in Vrygrond.

OCT 2016

The Compass Trust hired Linamandla Deliwe as Computer Lab Administrator. Linamandla has been supporting the Vrygrond Computer Lab for more than 3 years a volunteer from the community of Vrygrond.

JAN 2017

15 Grade 8 learners embark on their High School journey at Muizenberg High and Cape Academy of Mathematics, Science and Technology.


In February 2015, The Compass Trust was merely an idea. As of January 2017, 15 children are attending high quality High Schools having access to better quality education. We are running a computer lab that provides comprehensive IT support for professional and personal life and our Sports Development Program provides sports equipment and physical education to local schools and clubs.

We have done a lot in 2 years, but we have so much more we need to do to make a sustainable impact. We will take on further fundraising initiatives to ensure we have the funding to continue to allow children to benefit from scholarships to not only high school, but then on to university. We want to make sure our computer lab is offering any assistance the people of Capricorn and Lavender Hill need. We want to further expand our sports development program to not only sports equipment, but to also provide a sports field to these communities that deserve opportunity.

The Compass Trust wants to continue to provide the tools to help people living in poverty navigate the way to a brighter future. Together!