February Blog: Where We Are

I want to start this blog with 2 massive thank you’s. I want to thank my godmother, Christine McCarthy and her daughter Hannah who ran the Brighton Half Marathon and raised over R10,000. That’s a huge amount of money that’s going to go a long way. It means the world to have family and friends

January Blog: Gangs Must Fall

When I was 9, my biggest problem was fitting into my new school in Copenhagen International School, after moving for the first time. At 12, it was moving again to the American School of the Hague. At 14, I was worrying about not having any facial hair while my friends were starting to grow full

December Blog – Happy New Year!

First of all…Happy New Year! I hope you had a great 2015 and will have a fantastic 2016. From a personal point of view, 2015 was a life-changer for me. In February, the idea for The Compass Trust was created. 10 Months later, we are in South Africa, working with a school, providing leadership and

November Blog: Part 2 – A Change of Direction

It wasn’t only the shootings during November that changed the direction of The Compass Trust. It was also a very simple practical reason. TCT was previously looking to be funded through paying volunteers, however, after our experience on the ground and careful consideration, we do not think that this is the most effective way forward.

November Blog: Part 1 – Shootings in Lavender Hill

On Monday the 9th of November, The Compass Trust went into Levana Primary as normal. I went to set up the cones and equipment for the first of 4 PE classes scheduled for that day. At 08:00, I took my first class of Grade 4’s. None older than 11 years old. As the end of

October Blog: Come and Join Us!

Finally, The Compass Trust officially started it’s P.E. classes in Levana Primary! We have started nice and easy with a soccer unit, learning the basics of dribbling, passing and shooting. At the end of each class we play a quick scrimmage and then allow the children 10-15 minutes of free time to choose a sport

A Marathon Effort – September Blog

[fusion_text]Although the focus of this blog will be on the marathon, first a quick update on how our program is doing. First of all, we finally have a South African Bank account! It’s been a long process, but we finally got there. This means donations can finally come into The Compass Trust and we can

August Blog: One Month In…

The last blog I wrote came from the comfort of my parents home: safe, carefree and warm. Today, I’m writing from an internet Café in Muizenberg, with a view of homeless people who live under the local bridge. Harmless, spirited homeless people, who at home, I would merely ignore… South Africa is just as beautiful

July Blog: The Adventure Begins

It’s July 30, 2015 and I am currently sitting in my home in Wassenaar, a beautiful suburban area in The Netherlands. Tomorrow evening I will be in the outskirts of Cape Town ready to build The Compass Trust.   The past few months have been an amazing time for everyone involved with TCT. We recently

Moving Quickly: June Blog

Things are starting to take off in regards to The Compass Trust. While we have been building our website, social media presence and the structure of our organisation, there has been a fair amount of waiting…   Visa applications, applications within that application, trust documents for the lawyer etc, have all taken their time, but

Laying The Foundations

A few weeks ago, we decided to launch The Compass Trust. We wanted to get all our friends and family and others aware of what we are currently working on.   Since then, we’ve had over 500 likes on Facebook, 100 followers on Instagram and currently 12 followers on Twitter. 12 followers may not seem

A Change in Perspective: Part 2

This will be the last blog about how my perspective has changed over the past few years. From then on, every blog will focus on how The Compass Trust is doing! Stuff that you actually care about, rather than me banging on about myself!!! Here we go… Throughout my final year of University, my plan