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Making Moves: 2017

It’s all been very quiet on our website and social media in 2017. We haven’t been good enough at keeping our followers updated. I’m sorry for that. But – good things have been happening and I feel now is a good time to update everyone as to what is going on. The Students: Most importantly

Bowling with the Scholarship Students!

A few weeks’ ago, we had the opportunity to take the scholarship students for a day out at GrandWest in Cape Town. After a fantastic ice skating trip there in January – we decided we’ve take the students bowling this time. Trips like these are so important so that we can catch up with the

A New Year, A New Era

We have always said we wanted to create something sustainable, something that would make a difference, something that was driven by the community. Today, we have taken a huge step forward on the way to doing just that. Today, we announce our partnership with initiAID. Nowadays, there are so many different charities, doing so much

October/November Blog: Quick Update

Hi All! The year is finally coming to an end which is exciting news for us at The Compass Trust, as we get ever closer to the children starting their new high schools in January! 9 of our scholarship children will be attending Cape Academy, and 6 will be attending Muizenberg, both fee paying schools. Here’s

September Blog: Josh's 3 Months

The Compass Trust has been officially handed over to South African hands now. We’ve concluded our P.E. program by providing the teachers at the school all the materials and supplies they need to provide fun exercise for their kids at least once a week. We’ve designed a structured program for them that gives both the

August Blog: TCT Updates

As part of our commitment to people have supported us, we promised to release a blog each month. Jamie and Josh are doing fantastic work at growing and expanding TCT on the ground. We have had blogs from not only myself, but also Josh and Lara. Unfortunately, I am no longer in South Africa, and I

July Blog: Josh's First Month

This has been a crazy few weeks here in the Cape Flats. The Compass Trust has trusted me to carry on many of the non-admin-related responsibilities that Matt had been doing alone, although he’s too humbled to own up to the sheer amount of work he has taken upon himself & the initiative required for

The Compass Trust is Yours, South Africa

JUNE June was an incredibly productive month for The Compass Trust. We helped launch Levana, an initiative set up by Lluis Blanc (board member) and Rickard Sunden. Levana allows people to view profiles of the children that we work with and gives the option to donate to put money directly towards their tuition fees. We’ve

May Blog: My TCT Experience (Lara Blog)

For the past four months, I have been working at Levana Primary in Lavender Hill. I remember that what struck me most on my first day, was not the area or debilitating circumstances that these children live in like most would think, but rather the warmth and happiness of all the students and teachers alike.

April Blog: Acceptances and Support

We thought the children at Levana Primary School would struggle to get acceptances into the better quality high schools. The good news is, we were wrong. The bad news is, education costs money. 14 Levana children have been accepted into schools they would not have had the chance to attend without your help. 9 children

March Blog: Happy Days But Hard Work Ahead

The first term at Levana has ended. Physical education focused on bat and ball games this term. Baseball, Softball and cricket were just some of the games we played throughout the first 10 weeks. More importantly, however, we completed all our high school applications. We have a group of 21 students with whom we worked

February Blog: Where We Are

I want to start this blog with 2 massive thank you’s. I want to thank my godmother, Christine McCarthy and her daughter Hannah who ran the Brighton Half Marathon and raised over R10,000. That’s a huge amount of money that’s going to go a long way. It means the world to have family and friends