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August Blog: TCT Updates

As part of our commitment to people have supported us, we promised to release a blog each month. Jamie and Josh are doing fantastic work at growing and expanding TCT on the ground. We have had blogs from not only myself, but also Josh and Lara. Unfortunately, I am no longer in South Africa, and I will leave the updates on the ground to Josh and Jamie for now.

However, I can give you a brief overview of how everything with TCT is going 🙂

  1. Scholarship Program: The 15 scholarship children are continuing with their primary school studies and will heading to high school in January. We are trying to fund their school fees through . Please check it out and donate to a child’s education! The children have also been undertaking Robotics courses with the help of University of Cape Town students each Saturday. Jamie, one of our board members in South Africa, has been extremely active in setting all this up. There was also a Braai at the Vrygrond Computer Lab, which the scholarship recipients and their families attended. Our goal is to create a close group of students, families, teachers and TCT members so that we can ensure a brighter future for all involved.
  2. Sports Program: Josh has taken over the Physical Education classes from me, and is doing a great job. He will leave at the end of September, and is currently looking at supplying teachers at Levana with the best possible environment to ensure children are getting physical education each week.

What Are We Doing?

  1. We are currently working on setting up an efficient transport system for the scholarship children to get to and from school next year.
  2. Keeping up to date with the children’s progress.
  3. Trying to find funding and financial support for the scholarship program.
  4. Partnering with local organisations to help create a more sustainable program.
  5. Working on our branding/marketing/website to make sure we are portraying our message accurately.
  6. Making sure our accounting and insurance are all completely updated.

We aim to have the six tasks above fully completed by January 2017.

Day-to-day, we continue to work on improving everything we are doing. We have a big team of around 17 people (7 board members, 2 employees and 8 ambassadors), not to mention the many people who continue to support us voluntarily and financially.

We have some really exciting developments coming up. We have been working on them for a while now, but over the coming months, everything will become public 🙂 ! Hopefully our next blog will be more informative!

Stick with us and we hope we continue to make you all proud of what we are doing.

Always good and love to all,


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