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Bowling with the Scholarship Students!

A few weeks’ ago, we had the opportunity to take the scholarship students for a day out at GrandWest in Cape Town. After a fantastic ice skating trip there in January – we decided we’ve take the students bowling this time.

Trips like these are so important so that we can catch up with the students and how they are doing. But it’s also an opportunity to have some fun and relax during the school holidays.

We started the day by picking the students up from their homes early on a Thursday morning. We all packed into the 15 seater school bus and set off on the 30 minute drive to GrandWest.

Most of the students had never had the chance to go bowling before so this was a great opportunity to try something new. For the first few rounds, the students were loving it, cheering each other after every turn and clapping when someone would get a spare or a strike!

After 10 rounds – it was Anastasia who ended up winning, scoring over 100 points! And she did that even with crutches!

After the bowling, we had the opportunity to sit down and have some food. It really was a fantastic opportunity to sit down with all the students and just talk about everything – from school to friends to boys to sports – we really got a chance to just relax and enjoy each others company. With all the changes in their lives, the students are really handling everything extremely well and continue to show fantastic character and drive.


After lunch, it was time to head back home. But not before we had the chance to meet the Nando’s Chicken and take a few pictures. While we were waiting for the transport – the students also showed us a new game called 3 sticks. It’s such a simple game, but so much fun and all you need is 3 sticks and some energy. After a good 20 minutes playing 3 sticks – the transport arrived and we had to say goodbye to the students.

Trips like these serve as a great reminder that these students are extremely special people and are going to do some great things.

We can’t wait to do it again soon!

Always good and love to all,



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