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Making Moves: 2017

It’s all been very quiet on our website and social media in 2017. We haven’t been good enough at keeping our followers updated. I’m sorry for that. But – good things have been happening and I feel now is a good time to update everyone as to what is going on.

The Students:

Most importantly – the students have just completed their second term at high school and everything has been running smoothly. The students are continuing to adapt to their new schools and what is expected of them, but most importantly, they are all enjoying it. School fees were paid upfront at the beginning of the school year and the transportation for the students has run well. However, as with any young organisation, we’ve had a few teething problems in terms of how much we’re paying for the transport, how many trips we run, extra-curricular activities etc. We’re working hard with the students’ families and the community to ensure we sort out these problems for 2018 and beyond.

2018 and beyond…

Although we would love to continue to offer scholarship opportunities to more students each year, we are limited by funding and transportation. As of now, we have 15 scholarship students and our transportation is a 15-seater vehicle. Therefore – we will be continuing to work and focus on these 15 students year on year; developing not only their academics but also their character. Next year we intend to offer more focus groups and more opportunities for their personal development.

Our current focus is on finding cheaper transportation for 2018 and securing funding for the school fees of our students. We have now entered the second half of 2017 and we’re back focusing on raising money for the 2018 school fees and transport. If you can – please help us raise the funds for the school fees and transport by donating here:

We are always looking at ways to raise funds for the students – so please do get in touch if you can help in any way 😊

Always good and love to all


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